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Old is gold. Gold has a unique value and charm. Gold can save you in a crucial situation when you need money urgently. In an urgent requirement taking gold loan is better than personal loan and loan against property. Gold loan means when loan is offered to the customers against the value of the gold jewelry. The process is so fast that you will get the loan in one working day if you have proper identity proof and residence proof. Some lenders give it within an hour. The interest rate depends on the jewelry, the more you have the jewelry the interest will be less. The interest rate of each lender is different.

Apply for Gold Loan in an Urgent Need

Mostly cultivators prefer to take gold loan against their gold ornaments as they want to put their idle ornaments into productive use. Others also who need in some crucial time can opt for a gold loan. The golds that are submitted are not sold by the lenders; it is kept as a moveable property.

Gold Loan Approval is Quite Easy

A gold loan seems more convenient as it has less process in the approval of loans. The ornaments are measured and the market value is counted. The loan applicants do not have to submit their credit history as the ornaments itself work as credit.  If the market value of the ornaments does not exceed 60% of the market value of the jewelry, the interest rates will be less. The repayment burden is lower than an EMI.

It is advisable to contact us immediately when you want to apply for a gold loan from any bank. Our loan experts will give you details of the interest of each lender, you can choose the most convenient one. If your loan amount is half of the market value of the jewelry then the interest rates will be lower. The jewelry will be safe; it is sealed in a pouch in front of the owners.

Why People Do Opt for Gold Loan


The interest rate is low

Instant loan

Safety of the gold ornaments

Gold is the most precious metals worn as ornaments by millions of people. The owners seems to have emotional touch with the ornaments. In case the borrower cannot repay the loan within the time period, the lender could sell the jewelry to recover its dues.

*Wide range of product  to choose.

*Zero charges – No extra charges, fees or commissions to you.

*Simple procedure, minimal documentation and quick approval.

*Attractive interest rates.

*Expert advice on your needs and suitability.

*Provide transparency and rapid decision making, with no confusion.

*Compare prices and Features of various banks/ insurers.

*Calculate your Emi , Eligibility , Life cover and so on.

*Provide  comprehensive choice than any of our competitors.

*Quick  and  transparent  processing.

Every customer’s eligibility is different. In gold loan eligibility depends on purity of  your gold.

* To qualify for a loan you must be An Indian resident.

* You must have pure gold coin or jewellery.

* Loan tenure will be 3 to 12 months.

* Maximum loan value is not more than 80%.


Mantra4money gives you full details, If you want to Gold loan so you will required these documents-

Identity proof like ( Pan card, Voter card, Passport) Original

Residence proof (Tel bill, Electricity bill, Water bill)

Passport  size Photo.


Banks/Rates Gold Loan Interest Rates
Interest Rates Loan against gold value Processing Fees
ICICI Bank 13% to 20% 50% to 60 % 1% to 2%
HDFC Bank 14% to 18% 55% to 65% 1% to 2%
Axis bank 12% to 20% 50% to 60% 1% to 2%
State Bank of India 14% to 20% 60% to 70% 1% to 2%
Bank of india 13% to 21% 50% to 65% 1% to 2%
Muthoot Finance 14% to 24% 60% to 75% 1% to 2%
Manappuram Finance 13% to 24% 55% to 75% 1% to 2%
Karvy Finance 14% to 25% 60% to 70% 1% to 2%
India info line 15% to 26% 50% to 75% 1% to 2%


Loan amount and rate of interest depends on tenure and purity of gold.

Step 1 – Choose the  lenders.

Step 2 – Visit  the branch you wish to take loan.

Step 3 – Go along with your original id proff.

Step 4 –  Apply for Loan by filling the simple application form.

Step 5 – The lender will check the purity of your gold. it will take only 5 minute time.

Step 6 – After verification lender calculate  your eligibility and get  the loan Sanction.

Step 7 – Once loan get sentioned lender issue a loan agreement with all  terms and conditions.

Step 8 – Applicant sign the loan agreement and give post-dated cheque or ecs for repayment.

Step 9 –Disbursal of loan.


What is a gold loan?

The loan is which offered to the customers against gold and gold ornaments. The lender accepts the gold ornaments of the customers as pledge.

Is gold loan cheaper than personal loan?

You have to pay low interest rate. The documentation process is simple and it takes little time. The customers opt for gold loan for short term household requirements.

Does the lender keep my ornaments safely?

Yes, you need not worry for this. The lenders won’t sell it; they keep it as moveable property. The pledged ornaments are insured.

Will the bank check the purity of gold?

Yes, they verify the purity. The loan amount will depend on the gold valuation. If the ornaments have stone, the weight of it will be deducted.

Why do we opt for gold loan?

There is no EMI, low interest; the documentation process is simple and time saving.

Which documents I need to submit for gold loan?

Keep ready your identity proof (such as ration card, driving license, PAN Card, Voter ID card, passport etc.) and one document of residential proof.

Can I prepay my loan? Are there any prepayment penalty?

Yes, you can prepay the loan. You can make repayment by cash, by cheque or Demand Draft. You need not face any prepayment penalty for early payment.

What is the maximum tenure of a gold loan?

The maximum tenure varies from 1 month to 1 years.

Does the lender ask for a guarantor?

Gold loan does not require a guarantor or introducer.

I cannot repay the loan in due time. What will happen?

If you cannot repay the loan on time, penal rate of interest will be charged on the loan amount.

Does the lender evaluate the gold in the presence of customers?

Yes, so there is no fear of any damage during the appraisal.

Do the lenders auction off my gold jewelry in case of default?

Yes, but they would give you notice in case of overdue. They would send you reminders several times.

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